Mudaq is the leader for Madden 20 MUT Coin Strategy for Xbox One and Playstation 4. We focus on educating, making coins, saving time, money and helping our members earn the best Madden 20 Ultimate Team possible. Using our database, analysis and unique algorithms, we created innovative tools to identify the best cards to earn profit, complete sets, solos and build your team more affordably and efficiently. Established in 2016 but not released to the public until December 2018, Mutdaq has earned its members over 1 Billion Madden Coins and kept them on the fast track to have the best team possible. Now proven, we are bringing the Madden Community the result of a vision to help everyone get the most out Madden Ultimate Team. Join today, we promise a great experience, or your money back!


Snipe Spotter

Over 10 million coins are up for grabs daily on the market, our Snipe Spotter locates all best cards to buy to make insane and consistent profits. With over 1 Billion Madden Coins made with this feature, our members can't get enough!

Training Point Tool

This year with training points added to the game, we added a new feature to help make sure you are buying the cheapest cards available at any given moment to convert to training. The amount of coins and time saved will have you wishing you had it sooner.

Expiring Auctions

Almost every minute, there are cards at auction expiring with tons of profit and savings potential. We go through all the current auctions and list out the profitable ones. This way you know exactly what cards to focus your efforts on.


Sick of refreshing the auction house waiting for your card of choice to appear only to be let down because its overpriced. Us too! So we came up with this feature that will send you a text message or email, notifying you that your desired card is available at a price you are willing to pay.

Sets Tool

Completing sets are time consuming and can be a huge waste if not done correctly. We track almost every set in the game to show you which ones are the best buys at any given moment. No more making spreadsheets or sitting there with a calculator trying to figure out if it's even worth doing the set, we got you covered.

Filter Fire

We identify the best current filters to use for consistent profit and savings and put them on a silver platter for you. No more scrolling the auction house, going team to team trying to find good buys. Save thousands of coins on every purchase.

Auction Tool

We have all players in Madden 20 covered, giving you the most up to date pricing information available at your fingertips. Get the maximum coin value out of every card you earn in-game and through ripping packs. Learn the prices, add to your wish list to start saving and making millions of coins.

Expert Tactics & Secrets

Making Madden 20 Coins has never been easier. We are sharing all our best secrets and tips that will ensure you save money and time. Weekly updates from our experts will keep you up to date on the best solos to do and the best ways to make coins at any given time.

Mutdaq Madden 20 Bot

Our Autoseller Bot is the best tool for Madden 20 Playstation 4 and Xbox by far. At sign up with Mutdaq, the bot is a binder scanner, capable of telling you all the prices of the cards in your binder and keeping track of them for you. Once set up 100%, it becomes fully automated, selling all unwanted items and keeping your binder managed. No more researching prices, underselling your cards or spending hours listing and managing auctions. Our members are selling over 200 cards per day, easy, while they sleep!

Solo Strategy

Madden 20 offers tons of solos to earn coins. The problem is the majority are waste of time as far as producing coins. We are your guinea pigs and test out all the new solos to keep you on a direct path to success. Our methods are about making coins, fast. Currently we have methods making from 45k-80k per hour!!


We offer all the latest updates to Madden 20 Ultimate Team. Stop by daily to see any of the latest content.

In House Chat

Talk strategy to staff and other Madden Community members in our live chat. You can even challenge a friend with our easy to use interface.

Play Money Games & Tournaments

Coming very soon, head to Head and skill-based tournaments for cash.

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Why Mutdaq?


Time is so valuable and minimizing the hours spent making coins and building a great team is one of our main priorities. With our methods and featured tools, you will see instant results and put yourself on the fast track to success in Madden Ultimate Team. By helping you get rich in coins and giving consistent methods to further your success you will be able to upgrade your team in no time.


Coin Websites are charging $160 for a million coins, $9 for 50k and EA packs are equally expensive with no guaranteed results. Our memberships pay for themselves and have proven results. Our methods can easily will make you 40k+ per hour, all the way upwards of 80k+. Plus, the savings you will make on every card purchased on the auction house from the day you sign up will add up into the millions in no time. There is no system out there like ours, it has already amassed over 1 billion coins in wealth and counting.

More logical

We are lucky to have such a great thing like Madden Ultimate Team. However, like most hobbies it can be very time consuming and expensive. Without a plan, you are going to waste a lot of time and/or money. When we are talking about hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and hours of time it would be foolish to not plan. Educating, planning, having the right tools, and executing are imperative and something we excel at. We will ensure you stay on the right track and see the results you are looking for. Let us help you become rich in Madden today.

For Beginners and Experts

Whether you just started your journey with Madden 20 Ultimate Team or an expert, we have tools and tips that will help save you money and time. You can't find our content on Youtube, by the time its published there, its too late!!

Dominate the Market

Be the Wolf of MUT Street and dominate the market without having to rely on luck. We know the profitable cards, you just buy and sell them.

1m + Coins Per Week

From giving you the best solos to play to earn coins in the shortest period to unlocking the full potential of your console, we have every angle covered to make you a MUT Multi-Millionaire in as little as a week.

50k+ Coins per hour

Madden Coin Pro's earn roughly 60-80k per hour. Can we get you there, Yes!! Beginners can earn 40k minimal per hour and pros even more. We offer strategy through solos that pay consistent coin rewards in the shortest period. Couple with our Mutdaq feature tools and you will be making what the pros make in no time.

Ban & Account Suspension Free

Buying Madden 20 Coins from 3rd Party Sites is against EA Madden 20 Terms of Service. This can lead to account bannings and suspensions. All of our methods have been used for years with no issues.

Private Updated Trading Lists & Giveaways

Members enjoy exclusive trading lists and specials that keep them up to date on the best to cards and when. We even snipe over 1 Million Coins worth of cards for insane profits to our members every month to have some extra fun and help.

90% Uptime

Being new we have run into some speed bumps, but we our up-time is over 90%. We work diligently daily to create the best user experience possible . So rest assured it will only get better

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